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Keep an eye on the progress, the risks, and the profitability of your flat-rate projects.

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A clear tool for the financial monitoring of projects

Timmi Project allows you to have an overview of the turnover and the profit margin generated by your billable projects.

Manage your team profitability through two key metrics: the average billing rate (ADR in days or AHR in hours) and the utilization rate of each consultant. Their contradictory dynamics make it possible to assess the profitability of projects as accurately as possible.

All of the essential information that you need to know is clearly shown so that you are able to identify, at a glance, the sources of financial performance by project, client or consultant.

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An operational management tool for your project managers

With Timmi Project, managers and PO's can easily identify the projects their consultants are working on, their workload, as well as periods of overload or low activity.

Project leaders also need to follow the perforamnce of their project management. Timmi Project helps them see the progress of projects to date, re-estimate the cost to complete, as well as identify and measure the projects that are off track. They can also compare projects, clients or individual performance of consultants.

Timmi Project ❤️ Timmi Timesheet

To follow the financial and operational monitoring of projects, Timmi Project uses the timesheets entered by the consultants in Timmi Timesheet, Lucca's time tracking solution.

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