Remote work and hybrid office software A new way to organize home office

Timmi Office knows who is in the office and when; enforces your home office or flex office policy. It is useful for employees, relaxing for office managers & appreciated by CFOs.

Shared planning

Shared planning

Timmi Office indicates where the teams are, whether they are in the office, visiting a client or at home. The information can be synchronized with Google Calendar or Outlook.



Managers only approve remote work requests that exceed the limits set by the regulation. Or all requests. It's up to you.

Optimized planning

Optimized planning

Track office occupancy rate in real time, manage waiting lists, and use reporting to see who is coming into the office and when.

The hybrid worker software
which adds sparkles in the lives of office managers

Règles politique de télétravail

Flex office, 4-day week, on-demand working hours… your employees are asking for more freedom. They want to regain control and follow their own flow. On your side, you want to supervise these new practices, while remaining flexible. That's why we created Timmi Office.

  • Visibility and anticipation in order to know who will be on-site or if there are workspots left.
  • Optimized teamwork time with a shared schedule by team or site.
  • Office occupancy tracking in order to manage site capacity, and therefore automatically limit employee attendance.
  • Native integration with our leave management module for absence reporting.
  • An approval workflow that can adapt to your corporate culture.
le logiciel des travailleurs hybrides

Two weeks using Timmi Office, the schedule is already completed by the whole team. It's like we've been using the tool for months.

- Pierre-Emmanuel Salliou, Co-founder of Seyos

Timmi Office is fully integrated with Teams or Slack

An approval workflow that can adapt to your corporate culture

The main difficulty with home office management software is to make sure the employees fill in the schedule. Timmi Office makes their work easier. A single click is enough to indicate if they work in the office or elsewhere. It is even possible to create a typical week to save time.

Teams or Slack can send you a gentle reminder.

A software that fits your rules, but stays flexible

Timmi Office enforces the rules of your home office policy. You can set the tool to cap the number of home office days allowed per week, month or year.

Our approach is smooth. The manager is only asked for home office requests that exceed the limits defined in the rules. Of course, you stay in control of the configuration of this workflow. In other words, you can approve all requests through grouped notifications, or do it directly through Slack and Teams.

Control the right application of the home office policy
A controlled occupancy of offices

Office occupancy rates under control

The flex office and hybrid work require you to review the layout of your workspaces or to reduce the number of workstations per employee.

Timmi Office allows you to manage the capacity of each site, and therefore to automatically limit the presence, average occupancy rate, proportion of remote workers: reportings offer a visual help to monitor the actual office occupancy rate.

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