Streamline your payroll preparation and manage your wage bill with Poplee Compensation

Optimize the collection of variable compensation elements and track the remuneration of your employees

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With Poplee Compensation, keep an eye on the history of your fixed and variable compensation

Seniority, evolution of yearly salary, share of fixed and variable compensation, each employee gets key insights into their compensation elements. They can track their salary and control their variable elements (bonuses, commission, etc) before they are integrated into payroll.

On his side, the manager can access all of the compensation files of his team. This makes Poplee Compensation a precious tool that helps the manager prepare the yearly review campaigns and make well informed decisions about whether to raise the wages of his team members.

The elements linked to the yearly review campaigns are managed in Poplee - Core HR.

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Inform your employees of your deadlines to streamline the collection of variable pay elements

Getting the variable pay elements on time from your managers is now a luxury that you can afford. With Poplee Compensation, payroll managers can communicate their payment schedules' deadlines and inform managers of the timeframe during which they have to fill in the variable pay elements for their teams.

Each entry or modification sends an automatic e-mail notification to those who are impacted.

If your payroll is managed internally, the compensation information is exported to the payroll software. If you work with an an external payroll provider, Poplee Compensation generates a shuttle form that you can forward.

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Use the dashboard and the pre-configured reports to track the evolution of your wage bill

Poplee Compensation has a reporting tab that allows you to display or export the data you need: salary variation, fixed and variable remuneration elements, employees' seniority or age.

The dashboard allows you to have a broader view and quickly assess the evolution of your wage bill, your workforce and the compensation of your teams.

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