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Does your company provide digital or outsourced payroll services? Or are you a chartered accountancy or consultancy firm? Recommend Lucca solutions to your customers to simplify administrative management and optimize the payroll process.

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Introduce your customers to the Lucca experience as:

Business Introducer

You are a public accountant, payroll service provider or HR consultancy and you would like to recommend our solutions to your clients.

HR software publisher

You provide other HR software that complements Lucca, such as an ATS or a complete HRP and you would like to integrate our tools to expand your catalog.

Software distributor and integrator

You're a payroll software publisher or a business software integrator and distributor, and you'd like to offer your customers a range of HR solutions.

Partner of the extended payroll outsourcing offer

You offer outsourced payroll management and would like to create a commercial offer with Lucca to relieve your customers of payroll headaches for good.