Payslip distribution software Your payslips and salary certificates distributed in less than 10 minutes

Pagga distributes and archives online payslips and salary certificates, in a secure and affordable way.

Application de distribution des bulletins de paie


Import the payslip file (or the salary certificates file) generated by your payroll software or transmitted by your fiduciary



Pagga Payslip identifies and distributes payslips using your employees’ AVS number (or any other ID number)



Your employees are notified and can access all their payslips and salary certificates from their account

A simple, but ingenious solution

  • Import
  • Dispatch
  • Access

The ergonomics are perfectly adapted to our rapidly growing SME. The tools are easy to use and configure.

Elena Henaff, HR Manager at Logilec

Solution Pagga Bulletin de paie sur tablette

A simple, fast and affordable solution

In recent years, more and more countries have started to allow companies to dematerialize payslips.

Import into Pagga Payslip the payslip file generated by your payroll software or transmitted by your accounting firm. Click on "Dispatch". That's all you need to do.

If an employee objects to the dematerialization of their payslip, Pagga Payslip also allows you to manage paper payslips. In any case, everything is archived over the years.

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All payslips and salary certificates are archived in Pagga Payslip

Give your employees access to their payslips 24/7

With Pagga Payslip, don't worry about lost payslips or salary certificate anymore. Your employees no longer need to ask you for copies.

All their documents are centralized and they can access them wherever they are and whenever they want.

Our platform meets the highest security standardsand all your data is hosted in Switzerland. You can also set up a single-use authentication code when downloading payslips.

Save time and reduce costs

10 minutes, that's the time it takes for payslips to go from your payroll software to your employees' mailbox. You’ll save on printing, packaging and postage costs.

Pagga Payslip is less expensive than an electronic safe, so no need to overspend if you only have employees’ payslips and salary certificates to archive.

Access your payslips at any time with Pagga Payslip

The time to read this page, you could have distributed your payslips

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