Easily dematerialise your payslips with Pagga

Distribute payslips in less than 10 minutes, archive them and reduce costs.

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It has never been easier to dematerialise payslips

Distribute payslips in less than 10 minutes

Import the payslip file from your payroll or accounting software into Pagga. Click on "Dispatch". And that's it. Pagga also allows you to handle cases where employees do not want their payslips dematerialised.

Notify your employees in real time

Your employees will receive an e-mail notification as soon as a new payslip is available.

Eliminate any risk of error

Let Pagga cut the file for you: Pagga identifies the payslips through each employee's social security number (or any ID number) and securely distributes them electronically.

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Secure storage that meets legal requirements

Data archiving

Pagga can legally archive payslips for your employees for 50 years in PDF format, while meeting the specific requirements of each country. We can also import your payslip history into Pagga.

Secured access

All of your employee's payslips are centralised in Pagga. A password is required to access Pagga and a temporary authentication code is needed to download a payslip.

Unlimited access

With Pagga, the days of lost payslip archives are gone. Your employees no longer need to ask you for copies. All their payslips are centralised in Pagga and they can access them wherever and whenever they want.

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A quick and simple solution

Reduce costs

Using Pagga eliminates printing, packaging and postage costs. You won't have to dispatch payslips yourself, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Set up Pagga quickly

It's very simple to set up Pagga. It is compatible with all payroll software: Pagga can process single or multiple PDF files from any payroll software.

A solution in which employees trust

87% of Pagga users have opted to have their payslips dematerialised. It's extra convenience and less worry for your employees. They can download their payslips directly from their interface.

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