Automate and streamline your expenses process with Cleemy

With Cleemy you can easily manage your expenses and enter everything into your accounting software to put a smile on your accountants' faces

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Your expense reports streamlined, on your mobile or computer

A mobile application

Your employees can report their expenses at any time using the mobile app. They just have to take a picture of the documents and the OCR extracts the relevant information.

Mileage expense management

Mileage expenses are calculated directly by Google Maps and are valued based on an official or personalised scale. Cleemy can keep a history of users' favourite destinations and can locate them at their start/end point to avoid address entry.

Automatic VAT calculation

Cleemy directly manages VAT rates according to expense types, preventing clerical errors. You can set different rates and indicate whether VAT is recoverable or not.

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Manage your employees' expenses with great accuracy and adaptability

Manage your expense policy with alerts

Expenditure ceilings, alerts and flat rates are applied based on your employees' profiles. The rules are up to you and they will be applied automatically once you set them up. Employees with approval rights just have to review the expense to approve or reject it.

Analytical imputation

Cleemy manages all types of expenses (transport, mileage allowance, hotel, meals, etc.). Expenses can be entered to analytical accounts on as many codes as necessary: projects, cost centres, clients, etc.

Export information from Cleemy to your internal tools

Cleemy easily interacts with ERPs and accounting software. Cleemy can also export data required to proceed with the reimbursement of expense reports.

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A solution for both local entities and transnational enterprises

An expense policy adapted to each country or subsidiary

Cleemy allows you to configure your expenses policy to fit the complex needs of a transnational company just as well as those of an SME. And all of this is done on the same software.

Multi-country approval workflows

Cleemy's approval workflow allows a manager in Paris to make a decision in French on expense reports submitted in English by employees working in London.

Multi-currency conversion

Cleemy automatically converts foreign currencies, using the exchange rate from the day the expense occurred. There's no need to do the math by hand, Cleemy does it all for you. In addition to conversions, Cleemy also adapts to your local currency. Naturally, English employees submit their business mileage in miles and French employees submit theirs in kilometres.

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