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Application de gestion des congés Timmi Absences
Ask for a leave

Ask for a leave

Employees will access their leave balances and submit their requests with complete autonomy

Approve requests

Approve requests

Managers will get an overview of their team’s schedule and approve leave requests in a single clic

Exploit data

Exploit data

HR Teams will be able to create customized reports, download them, as well as send exports to payroll when needed

A business software doesn't need to be grey, ugly or sad. Meet Timmi Absences.

  • Leave request
  • Approval
  • Reporting

Timmi Absences was the most appropriate tool to manage the diversity we had in every country. Each year we evaluate our employees’ opinion of the tools available to them; Timmi Absences is always extremely well rated

– Pascale Moreau, HR IT Project Manager at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk
Application mobile Timmi absences

Leave management without the headache

Timmi Absences manages all kinds of leave and absence, regardless of the size of your company, your internal management policy and the specificities of the canton you’re in.

  • Paid leave
  • Bank holidays
  • Sick leave
  • Overtime
  • Seniority days
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • Wedding allowance

Timmi Absences is mobile. Employees can ask for a leave directly from the mobile app, and managers can look at the schedule and approve or deny requests with a single click. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android.

Timmi Absences also offers reporting capabilities: annual leave consumption, remaining balances, absenteeism rates, etc. All of these reports are downloadable in Excel format.


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They chose Timmi Absences to manage their leave

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Send a leave request with Timmi Absences

Leave management software easy to use, easy to manage

An ergonomic and intuitive software

Timmi Absences is designed for those who use it rather than for those who buy it. Employees can send a leave request with a single click from the web interface or the mobile app. They access their leave balances in real time and can make estimates in the future.

Team work optimization

Managers can get an up-to-date overview of their team’s schedule. They can thus ensure that someone is always here and anticipate busy periods. Approval workflows are completely customizable and managers can also delegate approval when their turn to go on holiday comes.

Save time to HR teams

HR teams have complete power over Timmi Absences’s configuration. They can set up different types of accounts according to the company’s leave policies, which are accessible to everyone. This means no more recurring questions about balances, number of days off in case of marriage, birth, etc. Timmi Absences also collects certificates and warns you in case of unjustified absence.

An open solution that interfaces with your internal tools

Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack & Teams integrations

Timmi Absences interfaces with your Google or Outlook calendars, helping you see immediately who is absent. No more meetings mistakenly planned on a day off. If you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can create a dedicated channel where you'll see Timmi Absences's information.

SSO (Single Sign-On) to make IT happy

No need for multiple passwords. You can log into Timmi Absences using your internal credentials (Google, intranet, etc.).

Export to payroll when needed: no more mistakes

You might require to export absences to the payroll system or your fiduciary. Export files can be configured in Timmi Absences, in order to match the expected format.

Send a leave request with Timmi Absences
Send a leave request with Timmi Absences

Timmi Absences software will help you internationally

Multi-country approval workflows

Approve leave requests and check leave schedules, even if your coworkers work for a different entity or in another country. Leave management should not be stopped by borders!

Country specific rules and calendars

Timmi Absences can be configured differently for each one of your subsidiaries. Each employee will only have access to the relevant balances. Once Timmi Absences has been set up, the public holidays of the required country or region will be automatically added.

Multilingual interface and international expertise

Timmi Absences speaks English, Spanish, German, Italian, Flemish, Dutch, Portuguese and French. Our consuing team will assist you in configuring the appropriate setup for each country or region.

Test Timmi Absences by improvising 3 weeks of vacation in the Bahamas

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How to benchmark leave management software?


What to choose between a software dedicated to leave and absences and a full HRIS?

Defining what is best for your business depends on only two factors: your resources and your HR strategy. Some will want to carry out their digital transformation project step by step (process by process), while others will want to do it all at once. Either way, full HRIS or dedicated leave management software, both must cover your needs. However, knowing the differences between the two approaches can help you make that decision.


  • In terms of harmonizing the information system, the modular HRIS is simpler to manage. Apart from payroll and accounting and possibly an ATS, there is no interfacing to be provided between HR applications.
  • Functional coverage is extensive but less developed. The possibilities offered by the leave management module are basic ones.
  • The implementation of the HRIS is, therefore, longer.

Software dedicated to leave and absences management

  • The features and configuration possibilities are very rich in the area of expertise covered.
  • To make the software communicate with applications from different editors, interfaces are necessary.
  • The rollout is faster.

How to compare different leave management software?

Usually, consulting firms recommend the drafting of specifications. In practice, and especially if you have planned the redesign of your HR processes by batch, you can simply identify your needs:

  • The expected functional coverage, i.e. the central features to facilitate the actions of your employees, your managers and the HR department.
  • The technical aspects: access to the platform and HR applications, respect and protection of personal data, securing company data.
  • Associated services: access to technical support, response time and resolution time for requests, and support during implementation.
  • Finally, prices.

Here is an example to download to help you.


How much does a leave and absences management software cost?

The price of a leave and absences management software consists of a monthly subscription and services.

The monthly fees depend on actual consumption: the amount varies according to the number of employees reported by the company.

The unit price is degressive according to the number of employees.

Setup services are added to the subscription. These rollout costs include the audit by a HRIS consultant, software setup and training.

How many software to compare?

During your benchmark, we advise you to compare 4 or 5 leave management software, without neglecting the work of synthesis and restitution for the management. Selecting more would not help you make a better decision.

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