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Yearly assessments or quarterly reviews, organize your campaigns painlessly and help your managers monitor their teams' goals and skills

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Organize your review campaigns

Organize your review campaigns

Create as many forms you want and manage your campaigns from the dashboard

Carry out constructive interviews

Carry out constructive reviews

Your employees arrive prepared for a productive conversation with their manager and future goals and skills are set jointly.

Centralize and analyze your results

Centralize and analyze your results

Export the answers to create your own reports, refine your HR policy and draw your training plan

An interface designed for those who will assess and those who will be assessed



It only takes three steps to set up and launch your campaigns. If you need to add an employee, you don't have to interrupt the whole process, you can simply integrate them into it even if your campaign has already been launched.



Configure your review forms as you see fit: star rating, rating scale, skills assessment, training requests, open, closed or multiple choice questions.

Group prep work

Group prep work

By preparing their employees' appraisals at the same time, your managers save time and harmonize their assessments.

Group prep work


Define the expected skills by profession and assess them during performance reviews. Thanks to a visual overview of your employees' skills, you can easily identify development needs and track their process over time.



At a glance, you have a snapshot of the overall performance of your teams and can quickly identify issues to be addressed.



Team goals are a way for your managers to communicate how their team is contributing to the company's growth and for your employees to feel involved in this success.



It helps you make sure that all your employees have goals. The dashboard also informs you about the company's operational performance.

The solution is easy to use, ergonomic and the campaign progress dashboard is very convenient. I can identify at a glance who has already conducted their review and who has not prepared it yet.

Estelle, Human Resources Manager at Akeneo


Whether they’re mandatory or not,
manage all your reviews in a single place

Poplee Performance turns your Word or Excel files into online forms and allows you to launch as many campaigns as you want.

  • Yearly appraisals
  • Goal review
  • Recovery of the activity
  • End of mission
  • Manager assessment
  • ...

Monitoring the professional development of your employees might be an obligation in your entity, but it is also an opportunity for your managers to establish a recurring dialogue with the members of their teams.

However, it is important that the organization of your campaigns does not take up all your time.

Poplee Performance also records all reviews and training attended by employees.

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Create as many review campaigns as you want with Poplee

Spend more time analyzing your review campaigns than organizing them

Yearly appraisals, quarterly reviews, end-of-mission, goal or skills reviews, … you can create as many forms as you need.

The campaign configuration only takes a few minutes. Once launched, Poplee Performance shows you where your employees are and helps you follow up with those who are late.

With each campaign, your managers are notified. They schedule reviews with their team members. All review forms are stored and centralized. Newly promoted managers will appreciate not having to chase down reviews from previous years.

When everyone has been evaluated, you can export the answers to prepare an HR action plan or a training plan. The tool also helps you identify high potentials and refine compensation.

Good review management is based on good goal management

With clear objectives, your employees know where to go and what to focus on. Integrate these objectives directly into your review forms and let your employees discuss them with their manager whenever they want.

Depending on the rights granted, employees can update their goals (progress percentage, comments…) or alert their manager to a risk in achieving results. This way, managers always have a clear view of the progress of their team's projects, without having to wait for the next managerial meeting.

On your side, by setting qualitative objectives you ensure that your employees validate their achievements and develop their skills on other topics.

In addition to individual objectives, Poplee Performance allows you to create team goals. Managers can see the contributions of their team to the overall strategic objectives of the company and value their department.

Manage your employees’ objectives with Poplee

Defining and monitoring skills: Two essential elements of employee development

Draw up a detailed skills framework for each position and evaluate your employees' progress accordingly.

Make it clear what is expected of employees by providing a definition and a description of each skill according to the different expected levels. This information will be available during reviews and will help your employees to complete their self-assessments.

Drive your campaigns like Lewis Hamilton drives in F1.
Negotiate curves and accelerate decision making with Poplee Performance.

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