Spend your time analysing your reviews instead of collecting them

HR Directors spend 80% of their time managing the review process instead of analysing the content of the performance review. Say goodbye to Word documents and endless e-mail chains, regain control over your review campaign management and let your managers set goals with their employees.

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Launch your campaigns in a few clicks and streamline prep work for individual reviews

Create your personalized forms, choose a group of employees to assess, set the deadlines and Poplee Goals & Reviews does the rest. The dashboard tells you which reviews are being prepared, those that are pending, and those who are late. Poplee Goals & Reviews helps you see clearly in order to anticipate your next steps.

Accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, your employees can fill out their review from wherever they are. Managers can work on a group of reviews at once and can assess their teams in a more homogenous fashion.

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To share your success, first share your targets

When you have clearly defined goals, your teams can better align their efforts, know on what to focus and where they are going. Integrate goals directly into your yearly reviews and let your employees and managers discuss them whenever they want to.

The comments and color code features help the manager and his staff to prioritize their actions as well as communicate clear and precise results.

Upper management benefits from a broader overview of the global performance of the company thanks to a dedicated dashboard.

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All of your history and statistics in the same place

After completing your review campaigns you know who has acheived their goals as well as who needs training and you are aware of any potential conflicts. But most importantly, you aren't chasing down the statistics from previous years. All of them are archived and centralized in the same place. You can be sure that it will make your newly appointed managers smile.

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