Build your own HR file and secure your data

Centralized and customized information

Centralized and customized information

Your employees’ HR data are stored within a single database, which you can customize as you wish.

Update your employee information

Update your employee information

Your employees have access to their own HR file. They can update their address, bank details, or any other relevant information. You can also launch campaigns once or twice a year to ensure that you have reliable data.

A streamlined integration process

A streamlined integration process

Plan and assign tasks to welcome your new recruits, so that nobody puts the newcomer in a corner. From sending the administrative form to the end-of-probation interview, everything is under control.

Accelerated HR processes

Accelerated HR processes

Your administrative documents are automatically filled in with information stored in Poplee Core HR, which saves you from retyping.

Secure processes

Secure processes

Once generated, the documents requiring a signature are made available to employees. Our partner Signaturit guarantees the legal value of the procedure.

"Employees can update their information directly on the tool so I am not receiving emails every time someone changes something. Still if it is something I need to know about (address, bank account) I get an alert and this works perfectly."

Laia Busquets, HR Business Partner (Spain & Portugal) at Younited Credit

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"The burden which is well borne becomes light"
A precept from Ovid that you can also apply to your HR infrastructure.

Managing administrative procedures and updating HR data are recurring and necessary tasks. As they are tedious and with no added value, you want to spend as little time as possible on them.

Poplee Core HR was designed to free you from theses tasks.

With an up-to-date HR file and data at your fingertips, you can easily manage your employees' administrative tasks. No more running around looking for train tickets, new addresses or employment contracts. You have more time to spend on the things that matter to you.

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Store all data in a customized HR file

Poplee Core HR consolidates all employees’ HR data in a single place, whether it is their contact information, their IBAN, their insurance documents or even their language skills.

The structure of the HR file can be fully customized. You can choose which data you wish to track, set up visibility rights for specific employees, and create new types of data fields. All storage formats have been designed to make the HR department autonomous in data management. It means that you can create as many fields as you want, from driver's license to grandma's phone number.

Poplee also helps you know better the people you work with: you can easily check the organization chart, birthdays and new arrivals.

Integrating new recruits made easy

Manage and assign all the tasks necessary for the arrival and integration of a new employee with the Onboarding module.

  • Future employees fill out a personal data form that they receive by email before their arrival.
  • the contracts on the basis of the information entered and has them signed electronically. They are also notified of the current administrative tasks to be carried out.
  • The IT department knows when to order computer equipment and create access.
  • The manager appoints a sponsor, prepares the arrival schedule, manages the Welcome Kit…

When and if the employee leaves the company, you will also be able to carry out the offboarding process: goals redistribution, transfer of skills, equipement recovery, etc. The transition period will be easy to manage and it will help you part ways on good terms.

módulos de onboarding y offboarding del software de administración de personal Poplee
Nueva solicitud de firma

More efficient and secure processes with the electronic signature

Employment contract, certificate, amendment... Poplee Core HR accelerates your document management process in 5 steps:

  • Select the employee(s);
  • Choose a document template;
  • Automatically recover information from the HR file;
  • Check and upload the document in the employee’s file;
  • Send it for electronic signature.

Time has come to provide real legal compliance for your processes, save time for your employees and improve document management for the HR department.

The right data, ready to be used

Make sure that employee data are always up-to-date. An empty field or an error in the IBAN of an employee? Send update forms as well as automatic reminders to those who are late.
Each month, generate a shuttle form with the recap of all updates. It will make it easier to send employee information to payroll, be it managed in-house or outsourced.

Poplee Core HR notification system will also help you remember important deadlines. This way, no one will miss any medical check-up nor the end date of an employee’s trial period trial period. You can also be notified when employees change any of their administrative details.

Finally, you can create charts to analyze data and easily monitor your key indicators. You'll be able to better understand why your executive turnover has increased in a given office.

Análisis de los datos almacenados en los expedientes de RRHH

Find your HR data in no time with Poplee Core HR

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