How did Harvest rethink its processes to free itself from red tape?


Harvest has said goodbye to manual data entry in Excel and on paper. The company uses Timmi Absences, Cleemy Expenses, Pagga Payslip and Core HR to optimise its HR processes and streamline its administrative management.

Harvest is a software publisher specialising in financial and asset management consulting. Quality, standardization and ergonomics are at the heart of the company's development strategy.

220 people, including 180 developers, work every day to ensure the success of Harvest.

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220 users


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“At Lucca, we found the same state of mind. You can feel that the products are evolving, the innovations make sense. There's a thought process behind it.”

Jean-Michel Dupiot, Co-Chair

The challenge

As in many companies, the HR manager, the payroll manager and the accountant use different tools in which the same information is entered, if not processed on paper.

Harvest is looking for a "standard" solution to relieve the HR and accounting department from: managing expense reports, counting leaves and absences, and managing employees personal files.

In addition to quality and performance requirements, Harvest also places extreme importance on the user experience.

The solution

Simple answers to specific needs:
The implementation of Cleemy has eliminated frustrations: no more manual data entry, no more lost receipts, no more late submissions, and a smoother accounting process.

Timmi Absences has replaced the payroll software to manage leave and absences by enabling users to check their balance and request leaves themselves.

As for the management of employees HR files, the pleasant environment of Poplee and Pagga appealed to users and relieved the HR department of time-consuming and tedious tasks.