Compliant, reliable and optimized payroll every cycle

Pagga Payroll Assistant means no more data collection and re-entry, just a simpler and more efficient payroll.

Collecte des données
Automate your data collection

Automate your data collection

Pagga Payroll Assistant centralizes all your payroll data so you can create and update your employee, pay and absence data in one place. A quick check before approval and that’s all there is to it.

Synchronize HR data with your payroll

Synchronize HR data with your payroll

The payroll data is automatically transferred to the leading payroll software on the market, via connectors or export modules.

Set up Pagga Payroll Assistant

Set up Pagga Payroll Assistant

Customize your payroll calendar and list all the tasks to be completed so nothing gets forgotten and you're always on time. Your payroll manager will really appreciate it.

One interface to optimize HR data processing and save time

Data entered in the HRIS is automatically uploaded to the Pagga Payroll Assistant interface. All the information needed to prepare payroll is centralized, processed and controlled in this single interface.

No need for manual interventions or re-entry in the payroll software. The data is processed in real time to provide managers with reliable and up-to-date information.

Better collaboration between HR and payroll

Pagga Payroll Assistant is a collaboration tool.

  • Each step of the payroll preparation process is visible in a calendar shared by everyone involved: HR, payroll manager or your service provider.
  • All the tasks and their deadlines are displayed in the form of a "to do list": leave count, bonus payments and verification of administrative information.
  • A notification system automatically notifies the payroll manager that you have completed the preparation and they can start processing. All you have to do is distribute the payslips from your space.

Integrate Pagga Payroll Assistant into your monthly payroll routine and you’ll never miss anything again.

Data reliability and security: automation does not mean lack of control

It would be a mistake to fully automate a process as complex and sensitive as payroll. Your expertise is an additional guarantee of getting your payroll right. This is why each step of the preparation needs to be approved by you.

Pagga Payroll Assistant identifies inconsistencies and alerts you so you only have to process any incorrect items. In other words, you remain in control of the process: the submitted data is reviewed and approved before it is sent into the payroll system.

Integration with any payroll software

Lucca offers different types of integration with the leading payroll software on the market:

  • integration via pre-configured files with Cegid, Sage, ADP, Pegasus, Talentia, EBP, 123Paie etc. Or custom formats for other payroll software
  • Integration with the Lucca partner Silae, or automated payroll data transfer: start/end time, leave, overtime, incentives and bonuses.

Failsafe synchronization for Batibig
First and foremost the HRIS had to be integrated with the payroll software used by the accounting firm, which is the case with Lucca. Because the API automatically synchronizes HR data with the payroll tool, we don’t need to re-enter the information any more.

Delphine Bonvalet, HR Manager at Batibig