Younited Credit

How did Younited Credit establish common processes in 4 countries?


Younited Credit HR data were spread across a mix of paper, software and other country specific tools. The company wanted to standardize its HR practices to facilitate internal communication.

Younited Credit aims at transforming the banking system to make it more fair and transparent.

350 people in 4 countries work daily to achieve this goal.





350 users


4 countries

“Lucca's solutions work really well and are very easy to use on a daily basis. I don't use Lucca's support service, not because I don't want to, but because I don't need to. The training course was very clear and everything is very simple. I don't need to call them.”

Laia Busquets,
HR Business Partner (Spain & Portugal) at Younited Credit

The Challenge

Laia spent between 3 and 4 hours a month on vacation and leave arrangements. She had nowhere to go to check if people were on vacation. Everything was manual.

They didn't have a page where everyone could see their team members, nor did people have access to it. Employees would go to the HR department and ask, «I have to take next week off, can I?»

They needed a tool to centralize all this information, to reduce the workload of the teams.

The solution

Today, Laia only spends 20 minutes a month on holiday management. Much better.

Poplee comes in handy every day. The reporting part is perfect. I just look at what I want and export it. It's great. Before, I had to do it myself and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out certain points; now I press 3 keys and I have all the information in less than a minute.”

«We see the same thing with Timmi Absences. We can track how many absences we have and see our absenteeism rate by department, by age, by time worked at the company,...and see if we have a problem or not.»

«The HR department and management can easily see if employees have any days off. This is very useful in the summer or before the end of the year.»