Interfacing your payroll software with Lucca to facilitate data transfers

Whether payroll is managed in-house or outsourced to an external service provider, it relies on HR data to make payroll payments on time. In order to ensure the reliability of this data, several steps are necessary before proceeding with the payroll calculation:

  • the collection and updating of HR data (identity, postal address, bank details, etc.)
  • identification of the relevant information (VRI) that will concern the pay period: leave, absences, expenses, overtime, bonuses, etc.
  • the transfer of this information for payroll, whether it is in-house or outsourced

Lucca software automates the processing of these tasks, offers export modules and programming interfaces (APIs) for connection with other software.

How to connect your Lucca human resources software to a payroll software?

Connecting your payroll software with Lucca for reliable HR data

Poplee Core HR collects and centralizes HR data such as employee identity, contact details and social security numbers. Regular campaigns to update this data guarantee its reliability, which is essential for payroll processing.

Each Lucca solution allows you to collect specific VRI's ( leave, expenses, overtime, bonuses...) and to export them in the format expected by the payroll software or to generate a shuttle form. These exports ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data transmitted to the payroll manager.

Since not all payroll applications have the same pre-requisites, Lucca adapts its exports to the different payroll applications by creating:

  • a customized export file that is compatible with the payroll software being used.

    To go further, Lucca is also establishing partnerships with service providers to simplify information transfers between tools and avoid re-entry.

    (see the payroll software referenced in the Lucca module export formats)

  • correspondence tables to adapt the Lucca software to the payroll language elements

    For example, a married employee corresponds to code 10 in a payroll program.

  • personnel numbers to import the payroll personnel numbers of your current employees and generate new ones when a user is created in Cleemy Expenses, while respecting the classification of your payroll: alphanumeric key, number of characters, length of the personnel number, etc.

These exports and imports can be managed in three ways:

  • the payroll administrator manually generates the exports from the various HRIS modules, then imports them into payroll
  • Lucca offers automatic export scheduling for exports that are deposited on an FTP server or transferred by mail to whomever is entitled to receive them
  • use Lucca APIs (Application Programming Interface) to interface Lucca solutions with the payroll software

Coordinating Payroll preparation

Payroll preparation consists of a succession of repetitive tasks to be performed, especially when several tools are used to manage your processes. The ideal solution is therefore to have a single interface that centralizes the exports necessary for payroll preparation. This is what Prepapaie offers payroll managers.

Every month, Prepapaie lists the 6 tasks to be carried out to collect data for the current period via dedicated export links:

  • accounting of recent departures
  • integration of recent arrivals
  • shuttle form generation
  • export file recovery
  • processing payslips with the payroll software
  • distribution and archiving of payslips

For outsourced payrolls, shuttle forms summarize the information to be taken into account in the payroll period, such as an employee departure to generate his or her final settlement, or an employee's change to a managerial status (changes in social contributions and addition of data from a supplementary pension plan, and so on).

Distribution of dematerialized payslips to employees

Typically, the payroll administrator prints and distributes the payslips. Since 2009, companies have been able to dematerialize the distribution of payslips. Pagga Payslip is Lucca's software dedicated to this feature. Once the pdf containing all the payslips is generated by the payroll software, Pagga Payslip distributes the payslips to employees based on their social security number. The pay slips are stored according to the legal duration in force.

The compatibility of the Lucca product range does not only concern payroll software. HR tools also interface easily with other software such as accounting software via csecure connections.

How to protect connections between software?

The connection of several software programs requires particular attention to the security of the shared data. To limit the risk of cyber-attacks or theft of sensitive data, the tools used must comply with specific rules. These rules are designed to ensure traceability and security of access: authentication, rights management, type of data hosting, API and information system architecture, etc.