Retention of payslips

Pagga stores all the payslips distributed during the duration of our service. If you decide to terminate it, your employees will still be able to access their payslips by logging on to the secure site

Moreover, thanks to Pagga's authorization system, you can manage and adapt the list of administrators who have access to the archives.

Don't pay for an unnecessary service

Pagga is dedicated to the storage and distribution of payslips. The electronic safe, on the other hand, allows the employee to keep other personal documents. Once your former employee has left the company, they no longer have access to Pagga.

In practice, an electronic safe is of little interest: it is a service that everyone can easily obtain on the web.

Easy .zip

As an administrator, you can download at any time all the payslips of a former employee who benefitted from Pagga services.

To do so, you just have to select the relevant name and download the .zip file in the employee's archives. It will save you a tedious search in your employees' files.

Find out how Pagga distributes and archives all your employees' payslips.

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